Welcome aboard the flagship 'Wool and Yarn'  - we're going to set sail with our website to find you all the latest knitting gossip - in fact you can have a chinwag yourself if you'd like to get involved! Have a nosy at our Knit and Natter groups and come and join our gang. We're a colourful lot - just like the wool and threads we use every day!

wool and yarn

  At wool and yarn  we have the embroiderer, the crotchetier, the seamstress. We have the quilter, the lacemaker, the cross stitcher and the haberdasher. We have everything and anything to do with the art of wool, yarn, threads - braid,cord and cotton. If you're into your cashmere, your mohair or tweed then we can pitch our ideas to the right kind of people. We want to have fun with our needles and have a chat while we're at it!  

Our ever growing website is a one-stop directory website dedicated to everything connected with wool and yarn - the buying, the selling but most of all the using. We've thought of everything but always welcome new ideas, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're stuck or need help. We have listed Wool shops by town and county to help you find your stockpiles, but we have also listed internet only wool shops to let you have your wool shipped direct. There are even mobile wool shops - more time for knitting and sewing we say!

If you're new to the art then we have all the instruction you will ever need - check out our how to make a stitch section . There are lessons in how to cast off and how to cast on cable method and how to cast on thumb method so 
you can make a start and then you can move on to how to knit a stitch and how to purl stitches or if you're a budding knitter then the knitting tutorials could be your thing.
wool yarn

Don't get your needles in a twist and never get your wool in a knot again. We have free knitting patterns which we will add to constantly - there will always be the knitting or sewing project right up your woolly alley we guarantee. We've looked into all types of wool and will endeavour to find more as the months progress - the eco warriors amongst you will be sorted we promise. To find a good selection of wools and yarns that are spun from natural fibres is something we believe in and if they're dyed environmentally friendly, then your knitting conscience is free of guilt

 Check out the knitting groups 
by county and knitting groups by town to find the perfect place to get yourself in the know- it's so relaxing and therapeutic and it's so good to be around like minds don't you think?  You might even want to start knitting for a good cause? check out the wool/yarn knitting charity bits & get some ideas. Once you get the knitting bug you'll not be able to put down your needles - it's like a drug and it's a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Sew, ahoy me heartie jumpers. Cast off with us and let's get on board the good ship wool and yarn.  Across the purly seas and into the woolly waves we go! 

wool and yarn

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